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From The Desk of Rich Schefren
Delray Beach, Florida 33443

Dear Online Business Owner,

Remember back in high school when your teacher reminded you on Friday afternoon that the test on the book Moby Dick was coming first thing Monday morning?

And you muttered under your breath, “Holy S#%t!?”

Grasping the monumental task that lies a head of you (because you hadn’t even cracked open the book) you decide desperate times calls for desperate measures!

With your back up against the wall you take the one proven short-cut that’ll undoubtedly save your teenage ass!

You pick up “The Cliff Notes” version of Moby Dick.

Right at that moment your body relaxes and your
breathing returns to normal. That’s because you
realize you WON’T have to cram all that information
into your brain. With ‘Cliff Notes” you didn’t work
HARDER— you worked SMARTER, right?

It was the one sure-fire weapon that simplified your life and gave you ALL the “important stuff” you needed to ace the test!

So ask yourself right now…

Wouldn’t you want to work SMARTER— not harder with your own on-line business?

Wouldn’t you want a business which allows you to focus on specific tasks that can give you an immediate ROI on your time and money?

Wouldn’t you want that cool feeling of going into your paypal account and seeing over night that three hundred MORE orders came in? (CHA-CHING!)

Wouldn’t you want the freedom to spend more time with your family, knowing when you execute proven business building steps your financial future is assured?

If so, then…

Get Ready To Transform Your Poor-Paying,
Labor-Intensive, Online Business Into a
Flexible, Freedom Producing, Profit Driven
Cash Machine!

Hi, I'm Rich Schefren, CEO of Strategic Profits…

And today I’m going to give you the opportunity to get all “the important stuff” you need to 100% STREAM LINE your life and online business so you get measured results!

TODAY, I’m offering you a complete 360 degree business marketing make-over, regardless of your background or previous expertise!

TODAY, you are getting…

for pennies on the dollar— the “Cliff Note”
version of the exact system I use to run my
multi-million dollar empire!

Just imagine peering over my shoulder and experiencing how my staff and I attract tons of daily targeted traffic. Traffic that results in millions of dollars in sales!

Make no mistake: These are the precise tricks, tips, and proven online strategies used daily that have turned Strategic Profits into a firing-on-all-cylinders Internet powerhouse.

The best part is you’re going to get this insider information on a proverbial silver platter delivered right to your door.

And no, nothing is held back… there are “No Hidden Secret Techniques” reserved only for my other high-end clients!

These are the same business building
strategies other gurus pay ME big bucks to

And in case you are wondering—YES, the same gurus YOU buy products from.

Heavy-hitters like: Jim Edward… Brad Fallon… John Carlton… Dan Caron Jeff Walker… Marlon Sanders … Keith Baxtor… Mike Filsaime… Joel Comm… Ryan Deiss… Willie Crawford… Sterling Valentine … Tellman Khudson

Of course, I could give you other names, but you get the picture.

My point is this: If you were to PULL back the curtain,
you’d realize a lot of their current techniques and
marketing ideas come from yours truly!

“When the chips are down, I call Rich Schefren.”

"When the chips are down, or I absolutely need to get clear advice from an experienced and battle-tested marketing veteran... I call Rich Schefren." “He is also the trusted advisor to online wizards like Jim Edwards, Mike Filsaime, and Rob Bell (from 1shoppingcart). Rich is expensive, and hard to get access to. (I'm one of the few who can reach him with a phone call, and I consider that privilege critical to my own success.)

John Carlton
I am their go-to-consultant. Or as they call me “The Mechanic”, who either fixes or helps propel their companies to new heights of profitability that even they thought were unimaginable.

How much profitability? Well, my hands-on strategies are helping them BOOST their revenues by an average of a remarkable $40 million annually!

Crunch the numbers even more and I’ve helped my clients over the years generate over $350 million in sales!

Here’s the plain truth: When THESE heavy hitter marketers hit a road block with their marketing… when their own product launch dies at the launch pad… or when one of their mega promotions is flailing its arms like a drowning person in choppy seas—I am their business lifeline!

Hey! This ain’t braggin’; it’s a fact!

But this isn’t about them— it’s about you! It’s about you making the wise choice of stepping up the plate and recognizing an unprecedented opportunity to work with their proven business-building source: me!

So is what I am offering right for you? It absolutely is, if you are…

  • FRUSTRATED with your own business and not hitting your financial goals…

  • TIRED of hearing about “other marketers” making boat loads of money while you aren’t…

  • STUCK, with a limited budget, and don’t know where to turn to for guidance…

  • ROYALLY PISSED OFF for spending too much time in front of your computer screen (with very little) to show for it…

  • FED UP with all the excuses you keep giving your family as to why NOTHING seems to work for you…

  • FILLED with self-doubt about your future…

And most of all, it is…

If you’re ready to FINALLY makes sense of all this
“INTERNET INSANITY” and acquire a fool-proof,
fail safe, system that can help deliver REAL
profits to you on auto-pilot…

If so, then lock the door, don’t take any calls— and read this letter as if your financial future depends upon it. (Because it does!) Before I go any farther, know…

This Is NOT “The Usual Suspects” of Internet Information!

You know… the rehashed, re-packaged, nostalgic, doesn’t-work-anymore strategies that have been shoved down your throat over the years! Not by a long shot.

Valuable Tools To Stay On Track!

With so much information overload today, it's sometimes difficult to know where to put my focus. eMarketing Maps are valuable tools to tell me and show me specific processes to follow to reach my goal - and to stay on track!!

Michael Morales
A.C.T. Advanced Consulting & Training
Milwaukee, WI
Like a sculptor, I took the exact up-to date, battle tested, traffic generating, business building strategies we use daily at Strategic Profits. I then chiseled them down into a duplicatable and leverageable system.

A system that can easily be digested by newbies— as well as established internet marketers (who need to exponentially boost their profits— FAST!)

Now, before I go on I need you to do something first! And that’s let go… really let go of any frustrating past mistakes you’ve made in your business.

I’m serious. Let it go, right now and know …

It’s NOT Your Fault You Aren’t Making the MONEY You Deserve!

It’s really not! And have you ever stopped to consider why you haven’t “cracked the online wealth code” yet?


Think about it. On a daily basis you’re overwhelmed with e-books from “this guru…” Internet marketing systems from “that guru…” more DVDs… more conferences/seminars to attend…

After the dust is settled, and you realize your closet is a Walmart of Internet programs (that you’ll probably never crack open and study) what are you left with?

UNDOUBETEDLY a complete, annualized, 100% ass-
whooping, BRAIN DUMP!

It’s over-kill, isn’t it? With so many ideas and concepts pulverizing you like a meteor shower— how the hell could you NOT be dazed and confused?

And guess what? A confused mind takes no action! Just like a body at rest stays at rest— so does your business.

Listen: It doesn’t matter what niche you are in… what service or product you are selling… or who the hell your competition is—

If you’re confused at how a concept works… or
if you implement a marketing strategy and it
DOES NOT deliver you a monetized result it-is-


"Rich has sold over 35-Million Dollars of his own varied products via newspaper, radio, TV, magazine advertising, direct-mail and the internet."
“His unusual mix of marketing and business management prowess has brought a “Who’s Who” of the marketing world to him, to partner, or for assistance in their businesses.

Dan Kennedy
To overcome that obstacle… to create a HUGE continuous revenue stream you need to put into a play a sequence of proven steps that are in alignment with each other.

With each one building upon the other every time you execute them.

Look at it this way: When a pilot sets to take off the runway… do you think he just turns on the engines, puts the plane in gear, and takes off?

When Donald Trump makes a deal do you think he just “signs” the contract and rakes in millions? Of course not.

There is a criteria, or check list “The Donald” uses to determine his success… so he never loses! If something is out of kilter or doesn’t meet certain criteria— he WON’T do the deal!

And this exactly what your business needs NOT to survive— but to THRIVE in 2009 and beyond.

A no nonsense “cliff note” check list of steps that’ll
absolutely allow you to create a viable business
with sustainable growth—and-never-lose!

Using sound marketing strategies you’ll simply take your business from where it is… to skyrocketing its growth in the shortest time possible! Your dream can be a reality, once you use my…

eMarketing-Maps: Your GPS to Total
Online Success!

Just like an architect uses a blueprint to create a building from the ground up, eMarketing-Maps is the blueprint of success you need to build your business so FAST and FURIOUS (your competition won’t know what hit them!)

In essence, my eMarketing-Maps works like a Global Positioning Systems (GPS) that guides you to your online financial goals.

And we all know how effective and convenient GPS’s are, right? You simply punch in the address of where you are— to where you are want to end up.

Within micro seconds you know not only the distance to your destination--BUT a soothing voice tells you how to get there in the shortest, most DIRECT route possible.

A GPS also includes updates on speed limits, road conditions and CONSTRUCTION you can avoid during your journey!

Get sidetracked? No problem, your GPS recalculates your trip exactly to where you are at that moment in time… to get you to your final destination!

Well, my eMarketing-Maps do the same thing. No matter what happens in your business eMarketing-Maps will help recalculate where you are and get you back to where you have to go by giving you…

Turn-By-Turn Directions to Freedom,
Prosperity, And Abundance!

"Rich taught me to systemize my business."

Rich taught me to systemize my business. I was a one man show when I met Rich, and now I have 23 employees. I really learned how to focus on my strengths and be the person that runs the company and creates the projects. And focus my time on revenue generating tasks and not getting tied down with mundane things like help desk, writing sales copy, editing video and things like that.

Mike Filsaime
Every month like clockwork, you get stress-free step-by-step directions of where you should turn… accelerate… and what marketing obstacles are a head so you can avoid them.

Look: I made this completely turn-key for you. With easy-to-follow instructions so there’s NO confusion as to what you have to do.

Simply put, my eMarketing-Maps (or highly specialized process maps) is a “plug n’ play” system that contains 4 different elements

(insert map from book page 51)

That’s it. The oval represents the start and end so you really only use that twice.

And the arrows just show you the directions. All you are left with are just two symbols to use; an action symbol or a decision symbol.

The beauty of using eMarketing-Maps is its
simplification: ANYTHING in your business can be
reduced down to its core using this method!

At Strategic Profits we process EVERYTHING. This in turn allows us to train others, and to outsource functions easily.

Wondering how effective really is eMarketing-Maps?

Well, let’s just say that for the first time you’ll finally be able to optimize the tasks you need to do in your business the right way!

Simply plug into one of my detailed eMarketing-Maps
...follow along from point “A” to point “B” –all
the way to “Z” (and beyond)

Just like a planted seedling, your business sprouts deeps roots and just continues to grow… and grow… and grow! It really is fail-safe!

Sound too good be true? Not sure this will really work for you?

Then know this: I have sold over 35 million dollars worth of goods and services over the years (not to mention having bought and sold multi-million dollar companies)

I just told this to you NOT to impress you— but to IMPRESS upon you that my real world experience has revealed two very important business truths:

#1 The first time you do any activity, it’s generally not done the best way it can be. And…

# 2 It’s absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to achieve optimum performance inside your business with flawed processes.

In fact, quality experts tell us 94 percent of
any breakdown inside a business is due to
faulty processes— not human problems.

That’s it— nothing else! The MAIN reason you’re NOT moving forward and making a fortune online is because of a breakdown in a process you’re using!

Turn-By-Turn Directions to Freedom,
Prosperity, And Abundance!

"Rich is changing the way the online marketing world works." ”

Rich is changing the way the online marketing world works. He’s teaching marketers to be business owners, entrepreneurs, and strategic thinkers.

Jay Abraham
The best part is I’ve done all the heavy lifting for you. My staff and I have ironed out the bugs in the system… (and made all the mistakes so you won’t have to.)

Remember: Any business (regardless of size) NEEDS process mapping in their marketing arsenal to streamline their operations.

New to internet marketing? Then get ready to earn six figures quicker then you EVER thought possible. Already making six figures?

Congratulations, because NOW seven figures is about to zoom up in you rearview mirror in record time!

And as I tell my high-end clients, hands down eMarketing-Maps is the closest thing to having me ride shot gun at your side in helping you reach explosive growth with your business!

Again, you simply go into one of these detailed maps. Then follow along from point “A” to point “B” all the way to “Z” and beyond.

Just like a planted seedling your business sprouts deeps strong roots and just continues to grow…. and grow!

And what does this all mean?

1. It means you’re ACCOMPLISHING a lot MORE in less time…

2. It means you’re NOT getting bogged down with reading massive e-books or watching hours of DVD’s…

3. It means you’re IMMEDIATELY implementing winning proven business growth strategies that right away can-bring-in-CASH!

MORE cash + more TIME = FREEDOM to enjoy it.

Like a SHOT of Red Bull eMarketing-Maps BOOSTS Your Online Performance FAST!

Once you have a process map you will see why your current way of doing an activity is less than ideal,

More importantly you’ll see where it can easily be improved upon.

DING! A light will go on in your head and you’ll understand the flow and clearly see what is constraining your performance (and quickly change course!)

NOW, you are working smarter—NOT harder!

Listen, I really go on for hours (and you know I can) about how my eMarketing-Maps system can dramatically reinvent your on-line business.

One that can effectively use traffic generation, subscriber lists, product creation, joint venture strategic alliances, etc… in the shortest time imaginable!

But don’t take my word about my expertise … just read what other THRILLED Strategic Profit customers have to say:

Reaching 60-70 Thousand a Month!
Our business has grown from very little revenue at the beginning, and now it’s reaching 60 to 70 thousand a month.
~Andrew Hughes

…Would’ve Retired 15 Years Ago If He Had Knowledge
“When Rich came into my life, I was doing everything wrong. Wish I had this knowledge twenty years ago, because I would have been retired fifteen years ago.”
~Michael Zolt

…Guiding Light to Build an Internet Company!
“Rich has helped me take my knowledge from my corporate background and apply that specifically to the Internet business arena. It’s been a great re-affirmation of practices from my corporate background, and it’s been a guiding light to build an Internet company, one I can sell, or IPO or hold as a private venture for the next few decades.”
~Brad Wozny

Achieved 13 Consecutive Record Breaking Months at Yahoo!
"The impact and progress... is nothing short of spectacular. I have seen my income more than double in the past year.... and I’ve achieved 13 consecutive record breaking months in my position at Yahoo! I can't thank you enough.”
~ Darryl Peddle

Now HAS Direction!
“I’ve just starting out and the information overload has been beyond belief until I read this. Now I realize how unimportant a lot of the hype I have been receiving really is. Thanks for some great direction.”

Struggling… INFO Really Hits Home
“This is exactly what I have been struggling to put my finger on in my marketing problems and this really hit home.”
~Dan Temes

Now HAS A Manageable Formula
“Dear Rich:
What you said has distilled a lot of what I’ve been thinking into a manageable formula that I can start applying immediately. Thank you.”
~Anelina Huard

…Insights are PRICELESS
‘Whew! Thanks for the major insights to building a serious online business. The value is priceless and I’m putting to work what you’ve shared already!”

Okay; it’s time to get down to business. Wondering just how much my eMarketing-Maps are going to cost you?

Well, this is a monthly program and a lot of my colleagues say I should charge at least $100 bucks a set for them.

I tend to agree. I mean, when you think about it, $100 a set is really a bargain. Especially with the amount of profits you’re going to bring in with it. Even at $75 a month it would be a steal!

BUT rest easy, you won’t even pay close to that. Before I reveal what this costs, just look at …

What You’re Going To Get Right Out of the
Starting Gate with eMarketing-Maps!

1) The Welcome Letter with Personal Instructions. Open up your first issue "welcome package" and you’ll get a brief, but powerful explanation of the steps you need to follow.

This concise document is laser-targeted to this month's eMarketing-Maps, and your business as a whole. I personally write them each month to ensure my eMarketing-Maps deliver the ultimate lead-generation muscle and business building power, every single time.

2) Next... the Monthly Summary Map: Remember when I mentioned digestible bites earlier? Well, this is it! This is where you see FIRST HAND what makes my eMarketing-Maps a more optimized system than anything you have ever tried!

My grandfather used to tell me “…you can't see where you're going, if you don't know where you are right now... and where you've been.”

That’s why I break the strategies down for you piece by piece. I do this so you can get “The Big Picture” so you can examine where your business is right now, but importantly— where it has to go!

The beauty of eMarketing-Maps is that each monthly issue of "maps" fits together like a “cash puzzle” with the month’s before (and after), giving your business a firm foundation to grow on.

3) Finally... the Detailed eMarketing-Maps Process Maps: These are the heart and soul of my eMarketing-Maps system. Every month you receive another package... jam-packed with actionable information that’ll show you how to profit with each strategy! How many can you expect to receive? Could be 6 … or 8 or 10 maps. Regardless, you’ll receive a minimum of 5 eMarketing-Maps each month!

***SHAMELESS BRIBE*** First Month for only $1 & special BONUS Report FREE... to the 1st 300 People who sign up TODAY! (Total Value: $149)

Okay, here’s my “no-brainer offer.” Each monthly set of eMarketing-Maps is just $47.

Just think: For the cost of a meal for two in a moderately priced restaurant you’re getting a proven road map that’ll take your business from where it is right now… to where it has to go for total online success!

But I’m not done yet: If you are one of the first 300 people who signs up today, You'll get your first set of eMarketing-Maps in digital form for only $1! PLUS a special BONUS Report: The Uncertainty Syndrome: Entrepreneurial Emergency –absolutely FREE! (Total Value: $149)

In addition, I’ll include…

“These Profit-Producing Killer Jumpstart Bonuses!”

The First Month Drill Down: The perfect way to ensure you have a full and complete understanding of how to take action with eMarketing-Maps starting from Day 1.

My Personal Favorite Tools VIDEO: Where I discuss the different eMarketing Processing tools I use during the day to improve efficiency and productivity.

Special Bonus #1 - Video Highlights from my 26-Hour Ustream Rich-TV Marathon (attended by more than 28,000 viewers!):

In this conference I “humbly” say I had tens of thousands of people spellbound. I showed them how to eliminate the roadblocks holding them back from success, (PLUS many other critical marketing issues.)

And get this: Many viewers were watching for the full 26 hours. NOW, you can spend just a fraction of that time getting the same golden takeaways. Just imagine how much better your business will perform after watching Rich-TV!

Special Bonus #2 - "Explosive List Building" Teleseminar with Direct Marketing Maven MaryEllen Tribby from Agora Publishing's Early To Rise:

Hands down Agora is the most successful direct marketing and list building company in the world, doing about $300 Million a year. You'll get to listen in on as Mary Ellen reveals exactly how she's built a huge list at ETR and made it Agora's fastest-growing division.

And since your first issues of eMarketing-Maps will help you systematize your lead generation, so you can get more traffic to your site every month.... this teleseminar will help you leverage your new-found traffic to build a huge email list. Then you'll find out how to monetize that list for more sales and more profits!

I don’t want you just satisfied with my eMarketing-Maps. No, I want you THRILLED with them.

That’s why I insist you see real results each month. Again, this is your opportunity to get the same results-driven coaching I give my high end clients, for a fraction of the price!

So here’s “The Deal!” Test drive my eMarketing-Maps for a full 30 days. Put the “metal to the pedal” (as they say) and see if my system is a good fit for you.

In the unlikely event you’re NOT impressed and don't see the immediate value in the million dollar marketing and business-building strategies I am delivering to you— then no problem.

Simply contact my office at 954-429-3114 ext 105 and get a no-questions-asked refund. (You won’t be billed for your next month either.) Plus, can keep all the bonuses and the materials you've received with my compliments.

Listen: I’ve done everything I can to convince you my eMarketing-Maps is everything I say it is, and more. Now it’s up to you to take action!

There’s NO content over load, no pressure and you can go at your own speed. That’s the genius of eMarketing-Maps process maps: To help you focus on the important tasks that’ll deliver YOU the results you want!

One last thing: PLEASE don’t let past disappointing experiences with other systems blind you to what is a head of you. I truly believe my “cliff notes” eMarketing-Map Wealth System is the “the missing link” that’s been keeping you from extreme profits!

Let me be your guide and show you how to achieve short-term success along with long-term wealth all at the same time!

You know, my customers tell me that eMarketing-Maps is like “having me on a monthly retainer!” NOW, it’s your turn to experience that, RISK-FREE!

To higher profits,

Rich Schefren
CEO – Strategic Profits

PS My accountants think I’m nuts for giving you all this proprietary company information right out of the chute... for just a dollar!

Well, there’s a reason I am doing this: Firstly: I want to make you a believer in my eMarketing-Maps... and help you get FAST results with your online business.

And secondly, I also want MORE success stories! So after you start making the money you dream about, would you please shoot me an email and tell me all about it? Thanks!

Oh, and don’t forget: My offer is first come, first served. The FREE Bonus Report and $1 complete set of eMarketing-Maps is for a limited time only. Again, this amazing offer is only available to the first 300 people who sign up today! So don’t delay. Click the button below!

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To begin my Risk-FREE Test Drive, all I have to do is pay a whopping $1, then my subscription continues each month for the low, low monthly price of just $47!

I also understand I have 30 days to test drive eMarketing-Maps in my online business. If I'm not THRILLED... and I can cancel within 30 day and never be charged another dime. I even get to keep all of the bonuses, all of the materials I've already received with your compliments.


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